Nomination for IDB prize “Islamic Banking and Finance 2010” starts

Baku, Fineko/ The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) has opened process of nomination for prize “Islamic Banking and Finance 2010”.

IDB informed that the prize consists of certificates carrying the IDB’s emblem and cash award worth 30,000 Islamic Dinars (equivalent to US$ 40,000).

Candidates for the prize should meet the requirements as follows:-

1.    A candidate should have a significant volume of academic contribution or practical and production results in renowned Islamic banking or finance funds;

2.    Papers submitted for the award of the prize should be recognized academically and published;

3.    Any services should have had a significant influence on supporting and developing Islamic banking and finance;

4.    Works which have already received an international prize shall not be considered for reception of IDB’s prize;

5.    Letter of nomination should be in Arabic, English or French, setting forth the justifications for the award of the prize and include the attachments aas follows:

a)    A comprehensive C.V. of ancandidate;

b)    Four copies in Arabic, English or French of the research of papers,  submitted in connection with the nomination, or the documents which ascertain the services;

c)    Four copies in Arabic, English or French, theses of scientific reports or the documents which detail the services, rendered by the candidate in support of Islamic banking and finance, each copy in a separate file.

6.    Self-nomination and nomination of died persons will not be considered.

7.    The bank reserves the right to withhold the prize.

8.    The closing date for accepting nominations is February 24, 2010. Any nominations received after this date will not be considered.

Send nomination to Chairman of the Preparatory Committee for the IDB Prize in the Islamic Research and Training Institute (IRTI) in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia).

Tel:+966 2 6361400 - 6466138

Fax:+966 2 6366871 - 6378927




06.01.2010 15:01

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