President Ilham Aliyev sets goals of full victory over corruption and total modernization of Azerbaijan

Baku, Fineko/ Within the framework of his trip to the western region of Azerbaijan, in particular Ganja city and the Gazakh, Tovuz and Samukh areas, President Ilham Aliyev made some statements.

The country’s leader clarified the purpose of increasing campaign against bribery and corruption.

He claimed that Azerbaijan needs to combat bribery and corruption more seriously.

"There is sufficient legal basis for that, and relevant orders and decrees have been signed. We must eliminate these negative facts in Azerbaijan. To this end, we all - both authorities and citizens - have to beat at one point,” he stressed.

On 27 January, the Anti-Corruption Commission held an extended meeting.

"It is necessary to fight seriously against the failures, and such fight is being carried out. I want Azerbaijan to become, in the truest sense of the word, a modern and developed nation, and all the criteria in Azerbaijan will raise up to a high level.

We have all possibilities for that. Once again I want to say that, first of all, there is political will, economic and political independence and there is wonderful and talented people. Work in Azerbaijan should be conducted at the level of most developed countries of the world. We’ve approached to it, and in many cases have approached to the maximum. But much remains to be done. All work in this country - the economy, social policy, and all other issues - should be at the modern level. People should live in peace, and principles of social justice should gain a foothold,” President Aliyev said.



10.02.2011 09:25


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