Earthquake in Japan shifted Earth’s axis and threatens a new Chernobyl

Baku, Fineko/ After yesterday’s catastrophic earthquake in the commercial area of Japan the latter is shaken by repeated tremors (aftershocks) with 5-6.8 magnitude. The disaster consequences are marked throughout the world.

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s (JPL) specialist Richard Gross has stated that following the earthquake the Earth’s figure axis (the axis around which the Earth is balanced by mass) has shifted by about 15 centimeters - 2 times greater than after the Chilean earthquake of 2010.

"According to my calculations, the length of the day should be reduced to 1.6 microseconds (millionths of a second). The earthquake in Chile gave, in my opinion, a reduction of approximately 1.2 microseconds,” he said.

According to Gross, the Earth’s axis shifted to the 139th degree east longitude. After Chilean cataclysm in 2010 it shifted to 112th degree east longitude.

At one of the world’s largest nuclear power plants, which is located in Fukushima Prefecture, the radiation level is 1000 times higher than the permissible level. Authorities began evacuating the population, as release of radioactive steam will be carried out in order to maintain pressure in the reactor.

According to authorities, country’s 12 prefectures are plagued by 206 major earthquake-caused fires and the death toll has already far exceeded a 1,000 people. The authorities still find it difficult to make at least a rough estimate of the damage.



12.03.2011 10:11


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