Russia closed the border with Georgia and Azerbaijan

Baku, Fineko/ Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin signed the decree on closing the border with Azerbaijan and Georgia for everyone except CIS countries’ citizens. Today it was published in Russian Newspaper and officially came into effect.

The decree says that the measure has been introduced temporarily and does not concern only the segment of Russian border with Abkhazia. Limits for entrance of foreign citizens and their vehicles through Russian border with Azerbaijan and Georgia are explained by the necessity of “preventing the entrance of the members of foreign terroristic organizations, import of the weapon and diversion materials in Russia”.

The exception is made for railway locomotives and wagons from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. At the same time the document says those countries’ citizens will not be able to cross the border.

Russia has used the practice of closing the border with Azerbaijan during active phase of anti-terrorist operations in its subject Chechen Republic. The limitations introduced in 1996 have not been abolished yet in corpore. Russia’s new decision will mostly impact on Iranian and Turkish long-rangers.


19.08.2008 13:44


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