Azerbaijan demands security guarantees from NATO

Baku, Fineko/ Eurasia’s states partnership with NATO become more and more dangerous business.

At today’s Baku conference “NATO’s New Strategic Concept: Contribution to the Debate from Partners” deputy foreign minister Araz Azimov of Azerbaijan said that NATO should ensure security guarantees for partner countries.

“I offer signing of bilateral agreements between NATO and partner countries to cover security guarantees for partner countries along with responsibility and commitments of the parties,” Azimov claimed.

In his opinion, otherwise it will be fraught with bad consequences for NATO architecture in the future.

“The countries that express a desire to enter in NATO encounter certain jeopardy,” Azimov said.

As an example, he brought events in Georgia last August.

“Yes, we (partner countries) are important for NATO in general architecture of security of Euro-Atlantic area. Today Azerbaijan’s borders are borders of Europe,” the deputy minister claimed.

He said that there was concern with the fact that security of such countries as Azerbaijan was under question.

“Such concern relates not only conflicts, but also strategic plan as a whole. We should take into account that partnership with NATO is not guarantee of our security,” Azimov said.

According to the deputy minister, efficiency of decision making mechanism in NATO on the basis of consensus outlives its usefulness and can lead to split-off in the alliance itself.


19.11.2009 12:42

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