Remains of Baku commissars uncovered in centre of Azerbaijani capital re-buried

Baku, Fineko/ During the reconstruction of Sahil Park in the city of Baku there were uncovered remains of persons buried here on 10 September 1920.

The Baku City Executive Power informs that according to medico-legal criminalistic researches of human skeletal bones conducted on 24-26 January 2009 with participation of scientists of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan and leading specialists of the Health Ministry’s Association of Medico-Legal Examination & Pathologic Anatomy, it was established that skeletal bones in coffins belonged to 23 male persons; age of 11 of them was in the range of 20-29 years old, age of 10 ones 30-39 years old and age of two ones above 40 years old.

Numerous damages on bones show that the persons were killed by firing arms of two types.

“The examination results conditioned the necessity to conduct wide and detailed scientific and research works by the Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Health and National Archive Department. In this connection it was launched a research concerning identity of persons buried in the park territory, insinuations created in the Soviet history as phenomenon of the 26 Baku commissars, and as a whole falsification of the event occurred on 20 September 1918 in the following period,” it was informed.

The coffins were found in a site with width of 710 cm, length 760 cm and height of 167 cm, upper part of which was covered by 60 cm layer of concrete.

On 26 January 2009 the remains were re-buried in the city cemetery with involvement of Moslem, Orthodox and Judaic religious figures who conducted relevant religious ceremony.

The burial was revealed when disassembling the memorial monument to the 26 Baku commissars (members of the Baku Soviet of People’s Commissars), who, as it was considered in the Soviet Union history, were killed on 20 September 1918 on the territory of modern Turkmenistan and re-buried in Baku on 10 September 1920.



27.01.2009 10:47

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