Quoted price of US dollar collapses to absolute minimum

Baku, Fineko/ Today in the course of trading in the currency section of the Baku Interbank Currency Exchange (BBVB) the weighted average stock exchange price of the US dollar to Azerbaijani manat has collapsed today to absolute low and turned out lower than the official rate for the first time since 28 December 2012.

BBVB reports that on 30 January following trading in BBVB currency section US dollar exchange rate dropped from USD/AZN 0.7856, at which it fixed on 28 December 2012 to USD/AZN 0.7834. Today’s volume of trading has reached $4 million.

The previous historical low dollar rate (USD/AZN 0.7836) was achieved on 31 October 2012. Trading volume then was $1.935 million.

The last year started from quoted price of USD/AZN 0.7857 versus USD/AZN 0.7967 by early 2011.

This year “started” with quoted price of USD/AZN 0.7856.

The official exchange rate for 30 January was announced by the Central Bank of Azerbaijan at the level of AZN 0.7845 to the US dollar. The 2011 year started from official exchange rate USD/AZN 0.7979, 2012 from USD/AZN 0.7865, and 2013 from USD/AZN 0.7850.


30.01.2013 17:12

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