Azerbaijan’s Customs Committee to transfer AZN 2.43 bn to State Budget


The State Customs Committee (SCC) of Azerbaijan is quite optimistic on the occasion of the process of implementation of the budget forecasts.

SCC’s chair Aydin Aliyev has stated that the forecast of customs payments for the next year is established at the level of AZN 2.43 bn.

"This indicator is by AZN 180 million more than in the current year. To date, the Customs Committee has already transferred AZN 2.13 bn to the State Budget from the forecast of the current year. So, we are very optimistic about the meeting of the budget for 2017 and 2018," the SCC chair said.

He added that with the purpose of ensuring execution of the budget forecast for 2018 work is already underway. In particular, the question of raising the excise tax on alcoholic beverages and tobacco products will be considered.


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