New international transport hub to be arranged in Baku


June 21, Fineko/abc.az. A transport hub is to be organized on the territory of the Baku International Bus Station.

State Road Transport Service’s spokeswoman Nurida Allahyarova stated that the hub will be commissioned in the near future.

"On the territory of the hub it will be created a dispatch center of intercity bus carriages, introduced a system of single (electronic) ticket and ensured integration of other surface types of transport in the ticket sales system. It will be provided a principle of transportation "from the bus station to bus station" and will be organized new bus stops in different places of our capital depending on the demand," Allahyarova said.

She pointed out that they are going also to provide division of transport and pedestrian flow, liquidate land pedestrian crossings (zebra), introduce a ban on the movement of buses in reverse in places where there may be pedestrians, ensure special places for the entry and exit of cars, and ensure the location of taxi parking, private cars, international regular and irregular public transport vehicles in a single space.

"The new hub also requires the entry of motor vehicles directly in Lokbatan Circle without stopping on Balajari Circle and the elimination of density on Balajari Circle," Allahyarova emphasized.