Yapi Kredi offers AZN 3000 loan with AZN 4 daily payment


Being a member of the banking group operating in 17 European countries, Yapi Kredi Bank Azerbaijan offers its customers a favorable loan product which makes the goals easier to achieve.

Until December 31 2017 Yapi Kredi Bank Azerbaijan makes a 3% discount in the annual interest rate on a cash loan, offering it with 25% per annum.

It has to be noted that the campaign is valid until 31.12.2017. The standard monthly payment on the AZN 3000 loan, issued for 36 months with 25% per annum and the daily payment of AZN 4, is counted on a daily basis.

Insurance, cashing and other required commissions are deduced from the total amount of the loan. Yapi Kredi Azerbaijan preserves the right to decide whether to grant the loan or not, while other provisions will be applied in accordance with the bank’s standard rules of loan issuance.

How can I get a loan?

In order to take part in the campaign, it is necessary to submit an employment reference (no such reference is required for the customers who get their salaries via Yapi Kredi Azerbaijan) and an ID card to the branches of Yapi Kredi Azerbaijan. It is also possible to apply online. To do this, follow the link, fill in the required fields, and our representatives will contact you.

Additional documents and a guarantor may be required in specific cases. The real annual interest rate equals 26.14%-31.69%. You can get more information about campaign at www.yapikredi.com.az or by contacting Yapi Kredi Bank’s call center via *0444.


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