Despite the energy supply problem, "AzerTelecom" provided uninterrupted and stable Internet service


In the course of the termination of electricity supply last week, “AzerTelecom” LLC, the backbone internet provider connecting Azerbaijan to the international Internet network provided Internet service providers, as well as corporate customers with uninterrupted and stable Internet services.

Thus, due to the timely measures taken by the company after the accident, all reserve equipment and related resources were involved in the process of ensuring uninterrupted Internet. As a result, there was no problem with access to Internet services provided to Internet service providers and corporate customers.

"AzerTelecom" LLC provided uninterrupted and stable Internet communication of customers throughout the country

"AzerTelecom" LLC declares that at present there are no problems with providing Internet providers with high-speed and stable communication. The necessary work has been done to maximize the sustainability of the service. Also, it regularly monitors that all the backup equipment necessary for uninterrupted and stable provision of internet service, is constantly in working order.

It should be noted that AzerTelecom” LLC is a dynamically developing telecommunication operator of Azerbaijan. The company was established in 2008 and “Bakcell”, the first mobile operator of Azerbaijan is the main shareholder of “AzerTelecom”. “AzerTelecom” provides such services as wholesale Internet, leased line, mobile backhaul, international transit, SIP telephony, FTTx (Fiber-to-the-x), Data Center services, VSAT services, Corporate network, Backbone services, Leased line over GSM, VPN (Virtual Private Network), VoIP service, DDOS protection, etc.

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