President Vladimir Putin proposed Azerbaijan and Iran not to compete but to cooperate in energy sector


The presidents of Azerbaijan, Iran and Russia have made joint statements for the press.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated that Russia, Iran and Azerbaijan are main producers of hydrocarbons.

"But that doesn't mean we have to compete. That means we need to coordinate our efforts. Coordination within the framework of OPEC has already yielded its positive results, but it would have been impossible if countries that are not members of this cartel had not acceded to this work. The same thing happens within the framework of the Gas Producers’ Organization," President Putin said.

He added that despite large production of hydrocarbons in each of the countries, there is an interest in the supply of this raw material to each other, referring to the internal logistics.

"For example, we confirm our readiness to supply gas via pipeline transportation systems of Azerbaijan to the north of Iran that can ensure economic viability for our partners. We talked about development of relationships in other sectors as well. In our view, cooperation in humanitarian fields is quite important. We are all Caspian littoral states. I hope in the near future we’ll finish coordination of all parameters of our agreements that must be signed soon on the Caspian issues and the status of the Caspian Sea," the Russian leader underlined.


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