The Baku Shopping Festival Lottery kicks off


Starting from the 1st of November, the Baku Shopping Festival launches its instant lottery called the “Surprises of the Festival”.

Baku Shopping Festival shoppers participating at the lottery can win a number of various gifts including plasma TVs from Metropark Shopping Mall , Micromax smart phones from Bravo hypermarket, modern ovens from Optimal Electronics , cutting edge video cameras from Park Bulvar Shopping Mall, vacuum cleaners from Baku Electronics and many other wonderful gifts cited at this link .

Anyone who shops at the amount more than AZN100 and more at the official stores of the Baku Shopping Festival and applies for the Tax Free refund can become a participant of the Lottery. For that, a shopper should present a tax invoice to the BSF Tax Refund kiosks located is the central shopping malls and Bravo hypermarket. The tax agent at the Tax Refund kiosk will register the invoice, seal it and present one copy to the shopper. The next step is to apply to the official Shopping Festival banks for cash or card payment of the Tax Free amount due. After processing of the payment, a shopper shall approach the BSF Infodesk in the shopping malls and Bravo hypermarket and get the lottery ticket in accordance with the amount spent. The shopper will be requested to present the sealed original of the tax invoice, ID card, phone number and email address and will be provided one ticket for the purchase amount of AZN100 – 500, and two lottery tickets for purchase amount of AZN500 and above.

By scratching the “Scratch-To-Win” field of the lottery ticket a shopper gets a chance to immediately win a prize.  If the ticket is not winning, the scratch field will reflect “Try Again!” words in the scratched area. The gifts can be presented either right at the place or at the mutually agreed time and place no later than within 30 (thirty) working days since the acceptance of a winning lottery ticket. Lottery tickets should be given back to the representative of the Information Desk of the Baku Shopping Festival. To get a gift, the winners shall submit the winning ticket, ID document and tax free invoice original that was used for the purchase of the lottery ticket.

The Azerbaijan Convention Bureau informs that by applying for the lottery tickets, shoppers automatically permit using their names and surnames and photos for promotion  of the Festival lottery in mass media and during production of promotional materials in printed or audio/video format as well as agree to give interviews to the press.

The Azerbaijan Convention Bureau provides official information about the lottery at this link . Please, call tel #: 1547 or send an email to [email protected] in case of questions.

ATTENTION: All shoppers that have used the Baku Shopping Festival-Tax Free service on 15 October – 15 November while shopping at the official Festival stores can participate at the Lottery by presenting the tax-free invoice to the Festival Information Desk.



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