AtaSığorta unveils cause of its sales growth


November 10, Fineko/ Over Jan-Oct of the year AtaSığorta’s insurance and reinsurance premiums amounted to AZN 11.1 million that exceeds the index for the 2016 same term.

Company’s deputy chair Goshgar Hasanov has stated that the main cause of sales growth is expansion of their activity.

"Since early 2017 AtaSığorta has achieved growth in its sales and number of service points. In accord with our development program during the year the number of branches and representative offices throughout the country has reached 31 and the number of sales offices 64. And this process continues," Hasanov said.

He points out that when choosing an insurance company, clients pay attention to the image, the reliability and quality of service. It mainly manifests itself on the hull insurance, property insurance, health insurance and mandatory types of insurance.

"For example, in comparison with the past year, we observed a large increase in the portfolios on health insurance, compulsory insurance and hull insurance. That means that if earlier when choosing an insurance company, people focused on low prices, not attaching the value to the quality, now they apply to an insurer which pays great importance to the quality of service and guarantees reliability," Hasanov said.



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