Atəşgah Sığorta outlines directions of investment policy


November 10, Fineko/ Insurance company Atəşgah Sığorta has announced its investment policy.

Company’s deputy chairman of board Farid Guliyev has stated that they are interested in buying securities.

"We’ve already invested in purchase of bonds of the State Oil Company (SOCAR) and in general we are interested in investing," Guliyev said.

He added that currently the level of profitability does not allow applying to the financial markets, and, in this regard, all their efforts are aimed at ensuring the sustainability of the Company.

"Therefore, we are interested to invest in the development of our Company, and in order to preserve our positions we make most of our investments in technology," Guliyev said.

Guliyev underlined that speech is about alternative sales through IT platforms.

"We’ve already started sales of insurance policies through the website. After the transition to e-system, sales of insurance policies on compulsory motor insurance increased by 10 times. It should be noted that two nuances provide sales - brand Atəşgah and the presence of quite a comfortable platform of sales," Guliyev emphasized.


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