Abak-Az Crowe to hold a seminar on logistics software


October 4, Fineko/abc.az. Abak-Az Crowe will hold a seminar on logistics software.

The Company reports that the next management tool will be presented at the seminar.

“The large-scale reforms that carried out in Azerbaijan create new challenges that must be solved on the basis of modern innovative technologies. First of all, it is the introduction of standards in the management field, especially in logistics and customer service, planning and optimization of distribution systems, management of trading agents, transportation and routing with mandatory monitoring and operational accounting of incoming orders and reserves. For solving these problems, many large companies in the world widely use the programs that will be presented at the presentation,” the Company said.

The New Management Tool will be introduced by event organizers Abak-Az Crowe (Azerbaijan) and Rasner (Israil) companies at the PARK-Inn Hotel on 8 October 2018.

Abak-Az Crowe invites professionals to the seminar. Attendance of the seminar is free of charge. Whoever willing to attend the seminar should register for the event contacting 012 4374126 and 012 4927856, [email protected] .

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