Expert: Dead season still reigns on Baku automobile market


November 14, Fineko/ Standstill situation on the used car market in Baku still observes no changes.

Expert Vagif Huseynov estimates that car prices remain unchanged because of the lack of buyers.

"Appearance of new taxi service companies on the market has temporarily increased the demand for used cars. As a whole, volume of car sales is very low and the rate of exposition of the motor vehicle is almost zero," Huseynov said.

He points out that currently the price of the cheapest and normally-driven automobile on the used car market is hardly below 5 000 manats. For this price the buyer can now buy Mercedes E Class 1989-1990. The Mercedes car is sold for 10 000 manats, while Kia and Hyundai for 10 000-14 000 manats.


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