Holcim Azerbaijan replaces natural sources of energy with alternate


November 14, Fineko/abc.az. Unfortunately, daily waste emissions have become an integral part of the economic development of our time.

Recycling is a time-consuming and expensive process for many businesses. Wrong approach or low efficiency in waste management can expose organizations to serious environmental and reputational risks.

In this regard, the replacement of a part of fossil fuels with alternative ones is a rational solution to the environmental and offers an economically viable method of waste processing in local conditions.

Replacement of natural energy sources with alternative types allows to solve several important environmental functions at a time: to safely dispose a part of the waste, the storage of which pollutes the air, water, and soil of the surrounding areas, as well as to preserve non-renewable natural resources.

Everyone knows Holcim Azerbaijan as the Garadagh cement plant, which produces high-quality cement, but few know that the Holcim plant has such special technologies. The first successful tests with unsuitable tires already been carried out, and preparation for large-scale tests with materials is being carried out. These capabilities and technologies were presented by the company at the Caspian Ecology Exhibition under the world brand Geocycle.

With 100 years of experience in the global market, Holcim offers solutions not only for waste processing, but also innovative approaches to the inertization of the soil contaminated with oil and oil products from toxins. The cement-based product Inercem is a prime example of this. Being a world expert in waste management as well, Holcim is committed to contributing to the ecology of the country.