Roaming services of Bakcell have just become even easier to use


November 29, Fineko/ Bakcell, the First Mobile Operator and the Fastest Mobile Internet Provider of Azerbaijan, has introduced a new functionality to make its roaming services even more accessible and easy to use. By means of the new USSD command, the customers will be able to get instant information about the roaming offers and select one of the advantageous roaming packages which suit their needs in the best way possible.

Thus, by dialing *125#YEScommand on their phones, the subscribers will get access to a simple and easy-to-use USSD menu to select one of the available packages of Bakcell, and even check their roaming package balance.

Note that the new USSD command does not require usage of mobile internet and is completely FREE of charge.

Not long ago Bakcell has introduced the new Roaming packages, to make roaming services even more accessible and advantageous for its customers. The customers who like using lots of internet while traveling will enjoy the new “Roaming Internet” packages of Bakcell. With these packages, available in more than 40 countries, there is no more need to search for Wi-Fi or buy a local operator’s SIM card to use the internet while travelling abroad. Moreover, users of “Roaming Internet” packages enjoy FREE WhatsApp for text and call. At the same time there are new daily, weekly and monthly packages with “All-in-one” concept. These roaming packages of Bakcell offer freedom of communication abroad, being lots of megabytes, plenty of minutes and SMS messages for beneficial prices.

In the summer of 2018, Bakcell has introduced “My Bakcell” application, the first of its kind and most innovative customer care method on the country’s telecommunications market. By using this app, Bakcell customers are able to perform all the necessary transactions with the account of their mobile number, and at the same time get information about all the available roaming offers, select one of the advantageous packages and check the balance of used roaming package.

Bakcell provides the customers with a great deal of flexibility and convenience to stay fully connected and continue communicating while travelling. The company will continue bringing innovative solutions, designed to meet the wishes and requirements of modern communication users.

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