Nar announced the results of the third quarter of 2018


December 3, Fineko/ According to results of the third quarter of the current year, Nar demonstrated high growth dynamics and presented several successful projects.

As a result of improvement works, more than 370 4G stations and more than 70 3G stations were installed after the second quarter of the year. Currently Nar has 1620 4G stations and more than 2670 3G stations on the country’s territory. By rapidly increasing the number of 4G and 3G base stations, Nar provides even the most remote villages of Azerbaijan with mobile communication services.  As a result of network works, centers of more than 40 regions of Azerbaijan, in addition to Baku and Absheron peninsula are covered with 4G network of Nar. Therefore, the subscriber base of mobile operator has increased by 4% during the third quarter. Currently Nar serves almost 2.2 million subscribers with more than 7300 base stations.

As a result of provision of high-quality mobile internet service by means of newly installed 4G base stations of Nar, the number of Nar’s 4G internet users grown two times when compared to beginning of 2018. Currently, the number of subscribers using high-quality 4G service of Nar reached half a million.

Another significant project implemented by Nar during the third quarter, was the brand and slogan renewal. The renewed Nar brand has the purpose of meeting the customer needs and being a reliable partner for them.

Known for constant novelties, Nar has for the first time on telecommunication market of Azerbaijan introduced “Nar TV” – online TV application. “Nar TV” provides opportunity to watch up to 100 selected local, regional and international sports, entertainment, movie and news TV channels at any time and place from mobile phones or tablets. 

Also, during the 3rd quarter Nar demonstrated growth in the customer satisfaction level. Nar has managed to increase the customer loyalty index by expanding its 3G, 4G and LTE-A network all over the country, and by offering high-quality mobile internet bundles to subscribers at advantageous prices. During the 3rd quarter the customer loyalty index grown by 11%, and the internet satisfaction index increased by 4%.

“Azerfon” LLC (Nar trademark) started its operations on March 21, 2007, and within a short period of time became one of the leading companies of the telecommunications and mobile communication industry of Azerbaijan. The ‘Nar’ brand name was selected as the symbol that resembles the cohesion of the rich cultural and historical heritage of Azerbaijan with the modern life.  Being the first operator in the country to introduce the 3G technology, Nar provides the customers with a wide 4G network coverage. Within the framework of its strategy aimed at continuous improvement of the network quality, the operator has introduced the “HD-Voice” service, which ensures a significant increase of the quality and clear transmission of voice. According to mobile network benchmarking tests, held in second quarter of the year 2017, Nar network has demonstrated the highest results in the country, in terms of provision of mobile voice services. Testing was conducted by an independent international “P3 Communications” company, and methodology was based on customer experience in using various services.