278 social apartments sold on preferential terms first time in Azerbaijan


December 6, Fineko/abc.az. The State Housing Agency (MIDA) finished on 5 December the deals for apartments proposed in a Yasamal residential complex through the system of "subsidized housing".

MIDA reports that the deals have been completed for 278 out the 324 apartments.

"Out of the 278 apartments purchased on subsidized terms, 51 are one-room, 146 - two-room, 75 - three-room apartments. 61 owners bought apartments at their own expense and 217 ones on social mortgage," MIDA informed.

Although during the registration in the system of "subsidized housing" only 2% of citizens said they can buy housing at their own expense, at the time of the deal 22% of citizens purchased housing at their own expense, due to which they received additional discounts. So one-room apartments at a discount cost AZN 26,959 (without discount – AZN 29,953), one-room – AZN 42,896 (without discount – AZN 47,661) and three-room apartments for AZN 59,405 (without discount – AZN 66,006).

Also, discounts of 10% were presented to persons who bought housing on social mortgage, the initial payment of which exceeded the minimum amount. So, 39% of citizens who bought housing on mortgage obtained a reduced monthly payment for a one-room apartment in size from 88 manats (it was announced AZN 129-136 for 360 months), one–room apartment from 135 manats (AZN 203-236 for 360 months) and for two-room apartment from 200 manats (AZN 282-288 for 252 months).