Landor: Mastercard`s rebranding is a strong and right move on part of company – Exclusive


January 11, Fineko/abc.az. The team of branding agency Landor analyzed and commented on the rebranding decision of Mastercard global payment technology provider.

Moscow-based branding agency Landor office’s director Oleg Kuzmin says that Mastercard announced that it will remove its name from the logo.

"I think this is a strong and right move on the part of Mastercard. First, it makes it easier to use the brand on modern media (smartphone and electronic clock), where there is simply no room for long names. Secondly, it will allow the brand to look fresh and modern and enter a limited range of top brands that are represented only by the sign (such as Apple and Nike). Third, the company is removing word “card” from active use to open up more opportunities for application with new forms of payments not related to cards," Kuzmin said.

He pointed out that it is very important to note why the brand was able to take such a step.

"Despite its simple shape (two overlapping circles of red and yellow), the brand has consistently used these symbols for many, many decades. This sign is clearly associated with the brand in the minds of the vast number of consumers," Kuzmin said.

Mastercard has already announced that it will rebrand its logo. The name of the Company will be removed from the logo. Only two intersecting circles will be left. The Mastercard’s management considers that this symbol represents the Company better than one word, and flexible modern design will allow it to work freely in the digital space.

Red and yellow closed circles have been a hallmark of the Mastercard brand for over 50 years, symbolizing the brand's goal to connect people with invaluable opportunities. Instantly recognizable circles are a powerful symbol that brings people closer to their needs and gives them confidence in the security of their transactions.