Azerbaijan turns into a transport-digital hub


January 21, Fineko/ Azerbaijani Railways (ADY) within the framework of upgrading the infrastructure along the security zone of railway lines has started laying new fiber-optic cable lines.

ADY reports work is underway within the project on making Azerbaijan into a transport hub.

"Creation of new main fiber-optic cable lines along the railway security zone will create conditions for the formation of new sustainable infrastructure, ensure the availability of digital services along railroads in the future and provide the most modern telecommunications services at railway stations. It will also serve to strengthening the existing main infrastructure in the country," ADY said in a statement.

Implementation of the initial phase of laying and commissioning the new fiber-optic cable lines is envisaged during this year. Within the project ADY is cooperating with country’s main Internet provider AzerTelecom (AzerTelecom’s project Azerbaijan Digital Hub).

"With the construction of the main fiber-optic cable lines along the security zone of the ADY railway lines, telecommunications infrastructure of AzerTelecom and the country will strengthen as a whole, and positions in the region will improve. The project will also contribute to the formation of a stable broadband fiber–optic cable connection with neighboring countries -Georgia, Iran, Russia, and Turkey, and will serve as an impetus to development of the domestic telecommunications sector. It will create conditions for transformation of Azerbaijan, which is now a transport and energy corridor, into a regional digital center in the possibly shortest time," ADY informed.