Honda to close a plant in UK


February 20, Fineko/ Honda has announced the restructuring of its production facilities as it intends to reallocate efforts in favor of electric vehicles as a response to global changes in the automotive industry.

Analytical agency AUTOSTAT reports that following concept "Electric Vision", according to which Honda intends to increase the share of electrified power units in Europe by two-thirds by 2025, the Company optimizes production, redistributing it in favor of regions with high potential consumer demand.

With this in mind, the Honda division in the UK informs employees about the closure of the car producer plant in Swindon in 2021, as the removal from production of manufactured models.

The Honda press service reports that currently the plant produces 150,000 cars annually and is numbering about 3,500 employees. The Company has already launched consultations with workers who may be affected by the changes. Honda's European headquarters will continue to be in the UK.

The global restructuring will also affect Honda's operations in Turkey. This division produces 38,000 units a year. The Company will stop production of the current model of sedan Civic in 2021 and will continue its activities.