Worldcard marks fifth anniversary: AZN 1.5 mln-points gift in 5 years


The first credit card of Turkey, Worldcard marks the fifth anniversary of its introduction into the Azerbaijani market by Yapı Kredi Bank.

For all those five years, Yapı Kredi Bank Azerbaijan, which contributed to the development of Azerbaijan’s payment system through Worldcard, has been supporting Azerbaijani customers with the advantages offered by Worldcard.

Continuously introducing important innovations to payment systems in Azerbaijan, Yapı Kredi Bank Azerbaijan, beside installement payment and functions as points, also provides customers with services of issuing a cash advance, virtual cards, additional cards and assistant services. Organizing many different campaigns, Worldcard presents various gifts – from travel to a smartphone – to its Azerbaijani customers.

CEO of Yapı Kredi Bank Azerbaijan Сenk Yüksel made the following statement in connection with the Worldcard’s fifth anniversary: "Being the most successful card in Turkey for 29 years, Worldcard also brings colors to the lives of customers in our country. Over the past period, our customers have collected AZN 1.5 million in points and were able to shop freely at the trading sites of the World members through the points scored. To date, the number of Yapı Kredi  POS terminals across the country has exceeded 1500."

Regularly organizing various campaigns full of opportunities, Worldcard has also offered an incredible campaign in connection with the five-year anniversary. So, from September 15 to October 31, the customers will be able to get every fifth purchase made through Worldcard for free. For more information, please visit or call the reference number * 0444 Yapı Kredi