The conference at UNEC: “The demand from employers – the proposal from the UNEC”


The rector of UNEC, professor Adalat Muradov stated that the head of the country had put forward the issue of the development of the human capital in the “State Strategy for the Development of Education in the Republic of Azebaijan” as the main goal of the education sytem.

The rector, saying that one of the most important elements in the development of human capital is the acquisition of practical skills, and stressed that UNEC was ready to make suggestions that would meet the requirements of the employers and spoke about the problems arised in this direction. A. Muradov pointing out to the fact that every seven years 50 percent of the existing specialists lost the value and importance and set before the auditorium consisted of businessmen, the question on carrying out the personnel training that met the requirements of local or the international labour market.

The minister of Labour and Social Protection of the Population Selim Muslumov pointed out that the most topical problems encountered by the labour market were touched upon in the conference and noted that local labour market was overwhelmingly crowded. Drawing to the attention the fact that 71 percent of the population of the country is of employable age , the minister said that the economy had difficulty in absorbing this number of workers. The minister pointed out that the requirements for the economists in the world market was the same, and emphasized the importance of teaching tax and the taxation, accounting and the analysis, economical law, the information technologies subjects. The minister, emphasizing the importance of the Virtual Enterprise at UNEC in raising the practical knowledge of the students, noted that the state-owned enterprises should also enable the students to engage in active business activities.

S. Muslumov also announced that the major program for the employment of youth would be launched by the ministry naxt year. The minister noting that he was keeping the close whatch on the recent achievements of UNEC with dignity and he emphasized that he would support the university, he had graduated, on all issues related to the labor market.

The Member of the Parliament Fazil Mustafa underscored the importance of establishing the dialogue between employers and the higher educational institutions and stressed the necessity of developing this idea. The president of the National Confederation of Enterpreneurs (Employers) Organization of the Azerbaijan Republic, Mammad Musayev said that the country was rapidly developing and the requirements of the labour market kept up with this speed. M.Musayev noting that in the current situation there was the need to create the new specialities, and he underlined that there was a serious lack of risk management personnel in the labor market. The Executive Director of the Center for the Economic Reforms Analysis and Communication,Vusal Gasimli stresses the importance of the strategic vision in the local labour market.The Member of the Parliament Vusal Huseynov shared his observations he had made within the period of his pedagogical activity at UNEC, and noted that the students of those teachers who were mostly from the business world could enter to the labour market more easily. He expressed that the Career Center provoding its activity at UNEC played the special role in the preparation of the students for the business world.

In the conference the videos of enquiry provided among the UNEC students and businessmen were presented. After the discussions the online survey was held among the participants. 70 percent of the respondents to the question “Is it possible to cooperate with the employers in the preparation of personnel meeting the requirements of the labour market?” answered “yes”. The next question had put to the vote was “The personnel training should meet the local or international labour market requirements”. 91 percent of the auditoruim which was consisted of mainly the business people believed that it was appropriate to train the personnel in accordance with the requirements of the international labour market.

In the event, the presentation of the “UNEC2B” platform was held. The Chairman of the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations, Inam Karimov said that the “UNEC2B” platform implemented by the UNEC in the business world for the first time in Azerbaijan and in the regions would be beneficial for both parties. He drew to the attention that the platform would play the important role in solving the existing problems and would operate in a great competitive environment.

At the end of the conference the cooperation agreement was signed with the Natinal Confederation of Enterpreneurs (Employers) Organization of Azerbaijan, the Chamber of Auditors of the Azerbaijan Republic and the Bank Training Center.


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