Bakcell has organized the Pitching masterclass for developers


Bakcell, The First Mobile Operator and Leading Mobile Internet provider of Azerbaijan has organized the third training session for developers, who participate in the operator’s AppLab program.

The training held under the title of “Pitching Masterclass” has covered three main topics, such as “the high-concept pitch”, “the elevator pitch” and “the pitch deck”.

“The high concept pitch” teaches how to distill a startup’s vision into a single sentence. In other words, this type of pitch is called “We are the X for Y” pitch. This helps friends, customers and investors to spread the word about the company. Another type of pitch the AppLab residents learned during the training session is called the “elevator pitch” with its major components such as traction, product, team and social proof. This is a 30 second talk which a person can present for a captive audience. This usually happens when riding in an elevator, or in a queue line. Last type of pitch is called “the pitch deck” and it is similar to a business plan. It consists of many sections such as mission, summary, team, main problem, its solution and so on.

“The Pitching masterclass training has helped me understand that behind the art of pitch, there is a lot more than just a skill of beautiful talk”, says Javid Akhundov, founder of the “” project.

“I have learned quite few new terms and got acquainted with a new approach in sales field and one of it was “to pitch”. A good part of this training was real-life stories and personal experience of the coach”, says Vafa Mammadzadeh, Social Media Specialist at, startup project developed at Applab.

Bakcell will organize trainings for developers on the blockchain technology, project management, etc. during coming month.

“AppLab” is an accelerated execution module, designed to help the selected developers in bringing up their ideas, mobile apps and technologies to life from pilot version to a finished product on a regional level.


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