About AZN 22 million to be given for 2nd house project of MIDA


May 24, Fineko/abc.az. MIDA LLC under the State Housing Construction Agency has drawn AS Tikinti LLC as the investor of construction of six apartment houses in social housing complex Yasamal-2.

"AS Tikinti is the winner of the relevant competition. Its investments in the construction of six residential buildings (two 12-storey and four nine-storey houses) are envisaged in the amount of about AZN 20 million," MIDA says in a statement.

According to the competition terms, the investor will transfer 100 apartments in six residential buildings (including six one-room, 36 two-room, 58 three-room houses) at the disposal of MIDA, which organizes the sale of apartments through e-system ‘Preferential Housing’. The rest of the apartments will be sold by the investor at market prices to interested parties.

AS Tikinti became the second private investor attracted by MIDA within the construction of residential houses in residential complex Yasamal-2.

The first private investor drawn by MIDA is construction company Kristal Absheron MTK to invest AZN 40 million in the construction of 12 residential houses in residential complex Yasamal-2.

ENGINET LLC became the winner of the investment competition for services on the laying of telephone, TV and Internet lines on the territory of residential complex Yasamal-2 and residential complex Govsany. The company will invest in the laying of communication lines and the creation of communications infrastructure in the amount of AZN 1.5 million," MIDA says.

Construction of residential complex Yasamal-2 is carried out on an area of 15.4 hectares, located away from the outer ring road, in the northern part of Ganli-Gel. The ceremony of laying of the foundation of the residential complex took place on 26 December 2018 with participation of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev.

The new residential complex will include 40 houses, 22 of which are nine-storey and 18 twelve-storey houses. In general, the residential complex will have 160 one-room apartments, 114 studio apartments, 674 two-room, 1,128 three-room and 126 four-room houses. Thus, the number of apartments in the complex will exceed 2,200. All apartments will be renovated and equipped with kitchen furniture.

In addition, various social facilities, playgrounds, three kindergartens and a secondary school for 1,200 students will be built on the territory of the residential complex.

The first residential complex of social housing was also built in Yasamal district of Baku. The complex, which was opened on 26 December 2018 with a total area of 11.6 hectares, consists of 29 apartment buildings, 17 of them are two-block and nine-storey, and another 12 ones are single-block and 12-storey.

In settlement Govsan, a second residential complex of social housing is being built on an area of 20 hectares. On the territory of the residential complex it will be built 11 houses, 7 of which will be seven-storey and 18-block. Another four houses will 10-storey and one-block. The residential complex will have 3,002 apartments, of which 280 are one-room, 1,481 two-room, 940 three-room and 301 four-room.