Azerbaijan has become most attractive-in-region for cybercriminals


May 27, Fineko/abc.az. Kaspersky Lab has published statistics on the spread of malicious software in the region in 2019.

Kaspersky Lab’s leading anti-virus expert Sergey Golovanov has stated that if every hour there appeared 1 virus per hour in 1994, there was 1 virus every minute in 2006, and there was 1 virus per second in 2011.

"346,000 new malicious objects appeared every day already in 2018. At the same time, APT attacks (cyber weapons) accounted for 0.1% of threats, targeted attacks (attacks on organizations) 9.9% and mass attacks (traditional cyber-attack) 90% of threats," Golovanov said.

He pointed out that for Jan-Apr 2019 Azerbaijani users became one of the most attractive for cybercriminals, so 20% of users in the country were attacked on the Internet during this period, while in Armenia this figure made up 18%, Belarus 20%, Georgia 18%, Kazakhstan 18%, Russia 16%, and St. Petersburg 13%.

"The level of local threats in Azerbaijan is also high, as 47% of users were attacked by local threats. In Armenia, this figure made up 41%, Belarus  47%, Georgia 33%, Kazakhstan 47%, Russia 31% and only in St. Petersburg 25%. Due to the expansion of mobile Internet usage, the number of mobile malware threats has also increased. Thus, in Azerbaijan, 2% of users were victims of malware during the reporting period, in Armenia 2%, Belarus 2%, Georgia 1%, Kazakhstan 4%, Russia 3%, and St. Petersburg 2%," Golovanov emphasized.

The anti-virus expert noted that mobile threats are mainly advertising software, mobile miners and mobile banking Trojans.