Goods for about $34 million bought within 2nd Shopping Festival


December 5, Fineko/ Goods for AZN 33.826 million were purchased within the framework of the 2nd Baku Shopping Festival, held from 15 October to 15 November.

The Ministry of Culture & Tourism reports that 643 stores were registered for participation in the shopping festival, and 493 of them joined the VAT refund program.

"Within the 2nd shopping festival goods were bought for AZN 33.826 million. 48,422 invoices confirmed by the Ministry of Taxes were registered in the Tax Free system of the festival. The buyers were refunded VAT in the amount of AZN 3.366 million. In general, 10.2% of the total amount of purchases accounted for VAT refund," the Ministry said.

According to the Ministry, in the period of the 2nd Shopping Festival Azerbaijan was visited by 204,686 tourists in October alone that is by 13% higher than for the 2016 same term.


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