In 1st half-year PASHA Bank paid AZN 58 million of dividends to shareholders


PASHA Bank, the largest commercial bank of Azerbaijan, has summed up results of its activity in the 1st half of the year.

At today’s media conference Bank’s member of board Khayala Nagiyeva has stated that Bank's assets for the first six months amounted to AZN 3.614 bn with annual growth of 10%.

"During the reporting period Bank's loan portfolio totaled AZN 1.259 bn (growth: 8%), portfolio of term deposits AZN 1.234 bn (decline of 9% for the year), portfolio of demand deposits amounted to AZN 1.468 bn (growth: 47%). Bank's total capital for the first half-year reached AZN 476.85 million, which decreased by 2% as a result of payment of dividends to shareholders from net profit in the amount of AZN 58.636 million," Nagiyeva said.

She added that Bank's interest income in the 1st half of 2017 amounted AZN 132.45 million and non-interest income AZN 33.805 million.


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