Number of Nar’s 4G users has increased twofold


August 29, Fineko/abc.az. The number of 4G users of Nar, which has the largest 4G network in the country by installing new base stations with LTE technology, grows rapidly. Thus, in comparison with relevant period of the last year, the number of Nar’s 4G users has increased by 96% by reaching 740 thousand. This means that every third subscriber of the mobile operator is an active 4G internet user.

An increase in the number of 4G users of Nar was possible thanks to installation of new base stations across the country, bundles and tariffs offered by Nar, as well as the growth of 4G smartphone penetration. Thus, the number of smartphone users in Nar network compared to the same period of the past year has increased by 17%.

Nar provides its 4G service not only on the territory of Baku, but in central parts of country’s other cities and regions. As a result of network improvement works, centers of 53 regions are provided with 4G network.  Currently the 4G network of Nar covers more than 78% of the population. In the near future this figure is planned to be increased to 97%.

Detailed information about the mobile operator’s network can be found at nar.az website.

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