Azerbaijani banks’ assets for Jan-Aug brought nearly up to $30 bn


The Financial Market Supervision Chamber of Azerbaijan (FIMSA) has unveiled an overview of local banks’ activity as of 31 August 2017.

According to the overview, assets of the banking sector of Azerbaijan by the end of Jan-Aug amounted to AZN 29.49 bn.

"Banks’ loan portfolio amounted to AZN 11.907 bn, correspondent accounts at the Central Bank of Azerbaijan AZN 3.55 bn, and deposit accounts of banks and other financial institutions AZN 5.03 bn.

During the reported term the banks invested AZN 5.03 bn in securities, while loans from banks and other financial institutions reached AZN 295 million, and loans given to customers AZN 11.907 bn," FIMSA says in the overview.

According to the overview, banks’ liabilities on deposit accounts amounted to AZN 16.535 bn, including retail deposits for AZN 6.871 bn and deposits of legal entities for AZN 9.7 bn.

The total capital of banks amounted to AZN 2.9 bn, while equity capital and liabilities together AZN 29.49 bn.



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