Over past 3 quarters Azerbaijani banks got profit for AZN 350.3 million


The total net profit of Azerbaijani banks reached AZN 350.3 million by 31 August 2017.

The review published by the Financial Market Supervision Chamber of Azerbaijan (FIMSA) for Jan-Aug of the year, local banks’ interest income amounted to AZN 1.29 bn, including on loans AZN 946.9 million.

Banks’ interest expenses for the reported term totaled AZN 634.2 million, including on deposits AZN 253.4 million, while non-interest expenses AZN 630.3 million. Domestic banks’ net interest income made up AZN 658.7 million, non–interest income AZN 537.4 million and non-interest expenses AZN 630.3 million.

By 31 August banks’ operating profit reached AZN 565.8 million, allocations for the formation of reserves to cover possible losses of assets amounted to AZN 196.8 million.

Azerbaijani banks’ total profit before taxation amounted to AZN 371.6 million and profit tax payment AZN 21.3 million.



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