Azercell makes first VoLTE call in Azerbaijan


Azercell Telecom, the leading mobile operator in Azerbaijan, has made the next novelty in the telecommunication industry of the country.


As a pioneer of a number of innovations in mobile communication sector, including, but not limited to, GSM technology, advance payment system, mobile internet services, Metro coverage, 24/7 call centre service, 7 day/week Front Office service, M2M services, one-stop-shopping approach Azercell Express offices, Online Customer Care and Social Media Customer Care services, Mobile Customer Care office, mobile e-signature service, “ASAN Imza” and 4G service, Azercell has made the first VoLTE call in the country. Azercell conducted an open demonstration of the VoLTE technology at Bakutel 2017 exhibition together with Ericsson, world leader in communications technology and services. This was the first VoLTE call in commercial network in Azerbaijan. To enable VoLTE testing, Ericsson has supplied the technical solution, which included the IMS platform, as well as the modernized packet core and radio equipment. 


VoLTE technology enables subscribers to make voice calls over 4G network and use HD voice and video calling services. Due to LTE high efficiency in carrying data, VoLTE calls have HD quality with almost no background noise. In addition, devices with built-in VoLTE capabilities natively support this technology, and do not require a separate over-the-top (OTT) application. Call set-up time required for one mobile phone to connect to another through a voice call, is also drastically reduced with VoLTE. Once deployed, this technology will allow users to stay on the 4G/LTE network even when making or receiving a call. This means that a user can simultaneously be in a voice call, while actively using high-speed data for other applications.


Arda Cetiner, Head of Ericsson in Azerbaijan, stated that the test VoLTE call marks an important milestone in development of innovative mobile technologies in Azerbaijan. “We are confident that launch of VoLTE capabilities in commercial operation is just a matter of time, and we are proud to support Azercell in this journey. This technology will bring the best customer experience to the subscribers in the country. Thus, it will further enhance voice quality, while also enabling a broader range of communication capabilities.” 


Notably, Azercell demonstrated the most innovative projects in mobile communication and telecommunication, both for business and leisure, at Bakutel 2017.


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