Win super prizes and surprise gifts from Azercell!


December 16, Fineko/abc.az.  Back in 1996, the 15th of December, the first GSM mobile operator of Azerbaijan – Azercell Telecom has pushed its first mobile call made by former president of the country, Haydar Aliyev.

Wishing to celebrate its 23rd birthday with customers, on the 15th of December Azercell opens a special survey contest on Instagram. The contest will start at 11.00 local time and continue until 22.00. 
23 questions about Azercell and its products & services will be published one by one every 30 minutes on Instagram and those who manage to answer it first and correctly will be awarded with the gifts. There are 23 exceptional super prizes and 230 surprise gifts for winners. 

Anyone having Instagram profile can answer the questions and win in the contest. 

Follow our Instagram page and don’t miss the chance to win exceptional gifts on the 23rd anniversary! 


Delivering reliable and cutting-edge mobile communications solutions to Azerbaijan, Azercell is happy to share the joy of the 23rd anniversary with its customers.   

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