Nar launched 4G network in Laza, Gusar


December 28, Fineko/abc.az.  Providing all the regions of Azerbaijan with high-quality and high-speed Internet, Nar is expanding its 4G network even in the most remote villages. This time, the mobile operator launched 3G/4G network in Laza village of Gusar, located 1300 meters above the sea level. Notably, it is the first 3G/4G base station installed in Laza. Now residents of Laza village, as well as the tourists will be able to enjoy high speed internet of Nar.

It should be emphasized that Nar is increasing the number of base stations not only in Baku and Absheron, but also in the regions and central parts of the cities and districts with the view to make high-speed internet available for all the country population. Standing out with its special focus on the regions, Nar has already provided 54 districts with 4G network. Expanding its 4G and 3G base stations across the country, Nar provides even the most remote villages with the quality mobile communication services. Currently, 4G network of the mobile operator covers 92% of the population and 74,3% of the territory of the country (excluding the occupied lands).


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