AZN 200 million to be spent to improve social situation of refugees and IDPs


December 30, Fineko/abc.az. The Azerbaijani leader has signed a decree approving the budget of the State Oil Fund (SOFAZ) for the next year.

ABC.AZ reports that in accord with the Decree AZN 200 million will be spent on the measures to improve the social and living conditions of refugees and IDPs, AZN 11.35 bn of transfer from the State Budget 2020 (the upper limit), AZN 10 million to finance the State Program on the improvement of the international competitiveness of the higher education system in Azerbaijan for 2019-13, AZN 29.9 million relate to the management of SOFAZ.

In addition, the Main Directions of the use of SOFAZ funds in 2020 and investment policy and Cost Estimates in connection with the management of SOFAZ in 2020 have been approved.

By Elmir Murad