AzerTelecom signed a Memorandum within the “Caspian Week 2020” conference in Davos

12:04 - 30 Январь 2020

January 30, Fineko/ In the framework of the World Economic Forum, held in Davos at the “Caspian Week 2020” conference, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the AzerTelecom LLC, a backbone internet provider that connects Azerbaijan to the global network and the Integral Petroleum S.A, the Swiss company, which is the organizer of mentioned conference.

It is the almost the 4th year that the “Caspian Week 2020” Conference, a platform for meeting of global leaders, companies, and experts, has been held in the heart of Davos. The conference pursues such aims as promoting the interaction between the Caspian Region and the world, implementing innovations and new technologies to the Caspian Region, etc.

With the Memorandum, signed in the framework of the conference the companies expressed their mutual intent to establish a strategic partnership on the improvement of internet connectivity, economic development, better access to the global markets and data transition in the Greater Caspian Region.

 “The signing of this document with Integral Petroleum S.A - one of the leading companies of Switzerland opens up new perspectives for cooperation. Currently, AzerTelecom implements the “Azerbaijan Digital Hub” program to turn Azerbaijan into the digital hub of the region. We are working on new opportunities for the improvement of connectivity services in the region, and we believe that our cooperation will ultimately contribute to the achieving goals, sustainable development of our country and Greater Caspian Region”, said Fuad Allahverdiyev, CEO of AzerTelecom.

 “We are implementing logistics technologies which will radically improve the connectivity of the Greater Caspian Region with the world market. This includes IoT solutions, fleet optimization tools, and other elements. Collaboration with AzerTelecom is an essential part of this Program”, said Murat Seitnepesov, Managing Director, Integral Petroleum S.A.

Taking into consideration that AzerTelecom is very active in the telecommunication sector of the Greater Caspian Region and Integral Petroleum is very active in trading, logistics and implementing digital tools, the companies will maximize efforts to significantly expedite social and economic development in Caspian Region.

AzerTelecom is one of the largest telecommunication operators in Azerbaijan and the subsidiary of Bakcell, the first mobile operator and the fastest mobile internet provider in Azerbaijan. AzerTelecom connects Azerbaijan to the global Internet network through the diversified network. Currently, AzerTelecom carries out Azerbaijan Digital Hub (ADH) program to turn Azerbaijan into the digital hub.