Bakcell fulfills the children’s’ wishes with “ASAN Letter” on the eve of New Year


Bakcell – the First Mobile Operator and Leading Mobile Internet Provider of Azerbaijan has joined the “ASAN Letter” project, organized by the “ASAN Volunteers” on the eve of New Year.


Within the frames of this project, a special campaign was organized together by the Ministry of Education, “ASAN Xidmet” and the “Friends of Schoolchildren” (“Məktəblinin dostu”). The main purpose of the campaign is to bring joy to the children on the eve of the holiday and fulfill their dreams and wishes.


On this occasion, a special event has been organized with participation of Bakcell representatives and ASAN Volunteers, where 50 children have received school backpacks and other school supplies as a New Year’s gift.


For more than 2 years now Bakcell supports the “ASAN Letter” project, implemented under the slogan of “ASAN love for the children”, aiming to bring joy to children from sensitive and disadvantaged groups. This project, committed to fulfilling the dreams and wishes of children, covers children of age up to 14, by means of the website. Thus, letters written by the children are place to the said website and their wishes are being fulfilled by the kind-hearted citizens. Mobile communication support for this project is also provided by Bakcell.


Bakcell always keeps in mind the children in need for special care and children from sensitive and disadvantaged families. The company frequently supports the “ASAN Letter” project in order to bring joy to the children and show them care and attention.



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