Economy Ministry’s statement: Great damage done to these spheres


March 29, Fineko/abc.az. A video format meeting of businessmen with representatives of the Ministry of Economy has been arranged.

ABC.AZ reports that during the online meeting the participants discussed such themes as the impact of the virus on private pre-school educational institutions, language and preparatory courses, and the sports & health sector, and it became known that the coronovirus caused great damage to those spheres.

In particular, the meeting involved reps of the Ministries of Economy, of Taxes, and of Labour & Social Protection, the Agency for Development of Small & Medium Businesses, the National Confederation of Entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs were provided with information about the introduction of special quarantine regime, the work done and future tasks in this area.

It was noted that proposals are being prepared on the occasion and be discussed in the working group. 
During the discussion it was recommended not to allow the dismissal and reduction of employees.

By Elmir Murad