Azerbaijan repaired 430 km section of railway line Baku - Boyuk Kesik


January 8, Fineko/  Azerbaijani Railways (ADY) continues capital repairs of railroad Baku – Boyuk Kesik.

ADY reports that overhaul of a 8.6-km section of Shamkir-Alabashli has been launched.

"The repair of this section will be completed within five days," ADY said.

On 14 April 2015, ADY and MORAVIA STEEL (Czech Republic) signed an additional agreement to the export agreement on the 2nd phase of the project of reconstruction of Azerbaijani railway lines.

The contract says of logistics and overhaul of the 600 km railway line Baku –Boyuk Kesik. To date, 430 km of railroads have been repaired within the 2nd phase.



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