Nar network provides uninterrupted and high speed internet in the country


April 8, Fineko/abc.az.  Nar fully ensures the network sustainability to meet the rising telecommunication needs of the subscribers during the quarantine period. The mobile operator has significantly expanded the network capacity of all base stations in order to fully meet the mobile needs of residents both in the capital and the regions, and to provide them with high-speed, uninterrupted internet. In order to ensure the stability of the mobile network and support network users, network review and optimization is carried out on 24/7 basis, while the technical staff operates in an enhanced mode.

It should be noted that compared to the previous period, subscribers took advantage of various internet packages offered on favorable terms much more during the quarantine period. Thus, Nar has observed the internet usage rising by 20%.

At present, Nar's 4G and 4 / 4.5G technology base stations provide high-speed internet and call services to the population in 54 regions of the country. Last year, the operator managed to increase the geographical coverage of 4G / 4.5G base stations by 245% and the population coverage by 80%.


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