Azercell Telecom has issued a statement recommending not to buy new or used smartphones from unofficial and suspicious sources


“Lately there have been cases of abuse of credit campaigns concerning mobile phones (smartphones), provided by Azercell Telecom in the use of its subscribers, and in particular their illegal resale to third parties.

“Please be advised, that ownership for such devices is acquired after making a due payment in full and may belong to the owner only after that.

For this reason, it is possible to limit the use of devices that are not paid in full or in respect of which there is a debt. In such cases, Azercell is not responsible for disputes arising in connection with the relevant devices, and reserves the right to take actions against the persons involved in such illegal actions, in the manner prescribed by law.

“Taking into account the above-mentioned, we recommend you not to buy new or used mobile phones (smartphones) from informal, suspicious sources. At the same time, we declare that by applying to Azercell Telecom LLC, you can clarify whether your mobile phone (smartphone) is sold within the discount credit campaign.”



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