50% of all buses in Baku are in need of upgrading


Baku will host next optimization of public transport.

Vusal Kerimli, general director of the Baku Transport Agency (BNA), has stated that as a result of the previous optimization, the number of carriers was reduced from 57 to 48 and the number of bus lines from 157 to 150.

"Work in this direction will be continued," Kerimli said.

He added that 468 out of the 2,124 buses running around Baku currently have been used at least 5 years, 1,577 – 6-10 years, and 79 more than 10 years.

"Given the fact that each bus carries on average 7-80 passengers each time, 50% of the capital's buses need to be upgraded stepwise for safety and quality of transportation of passengers," Kerimli said.