Azerbaijani employers show an interest in use of transport & logistics services in Astrakhan Oblast


January 26, Fineko/ Astrakhan Oblast’s logistic potential in processing of perspective commodity flow via transport corridor North-South has been discussed by representatives of Russian Railways, the regional government and business people from Azerbaijan.

Sergey Almeyev, the head of Privolzhskaya Railway (a subsidiary of Russian Railways), said that on the basis of the freight yard of the Kutum station in Astrakhan there is every opportunity for participation in delivery of perishable imported goods to Russia by rail. The meeting participants were familiarized with the scheme of production base of the freight yard and its track development.

"We’re ready to organize a complex cycle of transport & logistics services, among which are allotting of territory, buildings, facilities for processing and storage of products, logistics, and system of privileges and discounts," Almeyev emphasized.

Azerbaijani businessmen expressed an interest in the proposed prospects and intend to cooperate in this direction.



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