Visa authority transferred to Citizen Service Agency


February 1, Fineko/ Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has signed a decree on improvement of the process of issuing visas to foreigners and stateless persons at international airports.

The decree says that visas will be granted through simplified system ASAN Viza and payments will be carried out via simplified payment system ASAN ödəniş.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan is committed to transfer gradually the service points at the airports to the State Agency for Citizen Service & Social Innovations and the list of countries, whose citizens could receive visa at the airport.

Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL) will inform online the ASAN Viza system about passengers coming to the country through local and foreign airlines.

The Cabinet Ministers is tasked to make for 3-month term the proposals for bringing the presidential acts, Cabinet’s standard acts and normative documents of central executive authorities in compliance with the decree and submit them to the head of state.

The Ministry of Justice will ensure compliance of standard & legal acts of central executive authorities in accord with the decree and submit to the Cabinet.

The decree will come into force from 15 May.


Ключевые слова: Visa ASAN Viza ASAN ödəniş