Azerbaijan gets in list of cheap countries for vacation of Russian tourists


February 1, Fineko/ Ticket search system Skyscanner has calculated how much a two-week vacation will cost for the Russian tourist in different parts of the world.

Azerbaijan occupies the 17th place among the 23 countries of the Skyscanner list. The price of the air-ticket to Azerbaijan is $426, costs on the spot $1,190, and total budget of the trip is $1,616.

Cost of travel forms from the price of the air-ticket, accommodation and costs on the spot. The traveling price was calculated on the two-week trip of two adults to live together in a hotel room or apartment, eat at local cafes, but can also go to restaurant for a dinner. Costs on the spot include food, transport and spending on museums and entertainment. All prices are averaged, multiplied by 14 days of a standard vacation and converted into US dollars.


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