Contact Centre of AccessBank has moved to the 7/24 mode


Contact Centre of AccessBank «151» has moved to the 7/24 mode. Hence, the Contact Centre will reply to customers’ questions in a continuous mode.

It should be noted that customers may get information regarding the Bank’s  products, services and campaigns calling to 151, as well as via the social network (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and WhatsApp  (+994 55) 33 151 33.  Through these channels the Contact Centre operators will operatively reply to the customers’ requests.

Sabina Gurbanova, Executive Director of Digital Banking in AccessBank said that the main purpose of the Contact Centre’s moving to the continuous operating mode was to increase the customers’ satisfaction: "Contact Centre is the face of any bank. Our customers’ demands have permanently been changing and this makes us necessary to reconsider the ways to engage with customers. Thus, considering our customers’ needs the Contact Centre has moved to the continuous operating mode. In other words, we decided to become closer to our customers and I believe, we will succeed. I hope that this innovation will be particularly liked by our customers who make their bank operations mostly online. Thus, if our customers using our online-banking system even at night have any questions, they will be able to contact the Bank immediately without waiting for the next working day".

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