Insurers of PASHA Holding group formed more than half of Azerbaijan's insurance market


PASHA Holding group of companies formed more than half (50.04%) of the country's insurance market in January-August.

According to the report provided by the Financial Market Supervisory Authority, the total premiums of 22 insurance companies operating in the country amounted to AZN 368,915,448.98 with payments making AZN 167,060,917.49

"At the same time, PASHA Heyat Sigorta engaged in life insurance collected AZN 101,488,018.15, PASHA Sigorta - AZN 83,143,308.02 . Further on the volume of premiums comes Ateshgah company - AZN 25,419,705.15, Ateshgah Heyat - AZN 22,945,460.19, AzerSigorta- AZN 17,211,550.00, AzSigorta- AZN 16,973,111.83, Ipek Yolu Sigorta-AZN 16,118,152.36 manats, AXA MBASK - AZN 15,674,742.94, Qala Heyat - AZN 12,882,168.24 and Mega Sigorta- AZN 12,175,764.71," the report says.

In January-August, PASHA Heyat Sigorta paid more than AZN 33,614,401.50, Ateshgah Heyat - AZN 32,486,458.47, PASHA Sigorta - AZN 31,831,445.92.


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